Fri. Feb 21st, 2020


The Sikkim Today is a completely digital news media website/portal from Sikkim, India.

We, at The Sikkim Today, have a dream – To see the promotion and growth of Media in Sikkim and, on a bigger scale, across the Northeast of India where, unfortunately, the number of free and independent Media houses and outlets has not reached ideal and optimal levels and is at a low in comparison to the rest of the country. The role of the media is critical in a healthy, functioning democracy and we consider it highly important to deliver on the duties that are vested in our hands as a key constituent in society which are to empower the citizen, to ensure individual liberty, to professionally cover and report issues that are of paramount importance to society and citizenry and to, most importantly, present a coherent, intellectual response to the actions of the government and the needs of society.

The Sikkim Today champions the principles of democratic values, including the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression, stays rooted to India’s rich cultural heritage and is committed to delivering compelling, impartial accounts of the issues that affect society. If you believe in a free and fair media enterprise and ecosystem that is free from unprofessional reportage, ethical abuses, and political bias, and If you would like to see that dream be fulfilled in the state of Sikkim, across the region of the North East of India, and eventually to cover all of India itself, then our dedicated team at The Sikkim Today promises that we are here to help deliver on it!

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