Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

Virtual no more! Neil Tara Academy brings virtual reality for primary school pupils

The Sikkim Today News Desk

GANGTOK – A picture may be worth a thousand words, but virtual reality (VR) could be taking that a step further in the classroom as the Neil Tara Academy’s pilot project takes off.

On October 2nd, students of the Neil Tara Academy from Gangtok had the opportunity to visit the universe, the planets, the inside of the human body, roller coasters and farms– right from their classroom during studies, thanks to virtual reality. The school was involved in a project to test the feasibility of using VR for educational purposes. It worked in a great way, students were excited to learn many things. Navraj Tiwari, Principal of Neil Tara Academy was the man behind this project. He said he was amazed by the pupils’ answers in the worksheets on the human body that they had to do after watching the VR clips.

Daughter of Late NB Bhandari, former Chief Minister of Sikkim, Primula Bhandari, the guest of honour at the opening ceremony, said education is being disrupted by technology in the era of technology. Bringing virtual reality into the classroom is how Neil Tara Academy is changing the primary education sector in Sikkim. “There is a lot of transmission of values, students learning from each other, from tutors, from lecturers, from mentors, working in teams. All this cannot be replaced.” Said Principal Navraj Tiwari who’s also associated with the EGangtok project. Instead, Mr Tiwari said, ” It is the delivery of education that can and will change.”

EGangtok has promised to support them in the future to bring change in the education sector where students can get the opportunity to be involved in the world of digital connection through EGangtok, one step at the time. “The students really enjoy it. They like moving around, they like trying out something new and because it is so immersive, they are engaged very easily,” Mr Navraj Tiwari concluded.

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