Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

Let’s get real: the ‘one family one job’ won’t solve our unemployment problem

This maybe brilliant setup but worst implement, with labor force participation at department where workers isn’t even needed, we can’t look to Adhoc employment who’s working five more years as real unemployment solutions.

These days, everyone’s talking about the so-called “one family one Job”. Newspaper columnists, pundits and Political reporters are – for the most part – enthusiastically explaining how new unskilled workers became Government’s one hand service, 21st century revolutionizing how we consume, and fostering empowerment, conservation, cost savings and community spirit along the way. The prevailing narrative is that “One Family One Job” like these are the bright spots in an otherwise wrong implement, and even government has no ideas which department they should put in and that if we could all learn to be better micro-entrepreneurs, our unemployment rate would down faster.

Implement made by government is totally worst, if they can pay 8 thousands per month it should be different implement for example – Tourist help centre, they should hire 500 youth working in “Permit department Section” using computer so can verify online permit so driver wouldn’t have faced trouble standing outside , what else this is era of technology when department don’t even update website since 2017.

Implement should be made wisely, like take an example of social media intiative – mostly in big state police respond in 2 Minutes in tweeter for security and safety and in our state even tweeter account of police department don’t even exist. This is where people need to work.

True, the emergence of innovative ways is to join Skill development, from clothing and jewelry to software and hospitality, is making life easier and maybe even more fun for a growing number of employment in both private and public sector. But educated Youth must not get so starry-eyed with excitement about these one family one job that we assume they it can disaster from our economic crises, especially our most important one: the unemployment and underemployment crisis.
Unfortunately, 2018 data show Sikkim has 37,196 regular employee, 13,718 working in MR basics, 19,200 working in Adhoc basis as teachers & LDC in various departments and in PSU there are 3,297 people work as Regular & Non- regular. First government should work out which department needed which position through regular mode for example in Some Vetnary department there’s only 2-3 workers in which village Vetnary department needed more than 4-5 skilled employment instead of 15 employees who join just to play the Ludo game whole day? Take an example, have you ever seen Vetnary worker coming to your village and examined animals?

Talk of these jobs is glaringly absent from most discussions instead of putting them in Skill development in same amount of paying for 1 year. While some “sharing” Politics are funding economic impact studies that claim no benefits in cities like Gangtok for example suppose people get these job at 10k per month they would have to meet room rental at 5k per month which make no scene. Until it becomes clearer, we’ll have to rely on anecdotal information and common sense before implement of one family one job.
One big problem – How can that be a solution for an unemployment problem – for better or worse – since at this amount people can’t meet living expenses? We have seen lots of present MR and Adhoc employment talking about this.

If government start giving government job to all and can’t process to make it Regular there will be another family financial crises (It’s no wonder that the “Unemployment problem” first emerged just after the recession, when demand plummeted and people had to make do with less.) And what happens to the tax base if these problems happening under the radar?

It will also create and destroy future jobs in Sikkim, but says they’re still “surely part of the answer” to our economic crises. What part, exactly? Certainly not the one that could employ significant numbers of people as LDC, clerks, office staff and guard– and help bring destroying long-term unemployed people in coming future. It’s called so socialism, you can study how it destroyed Venezuela in one go.

There are other related problems with the One Family One Jobs. One is that being a small office worker getting 10k per month may sound sexy, but it offers no security, health insurance, pension, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, paid vacation, or paid sick days. Makes it all sound a little less glamorous.

The truth is that, especially in a Jobs, most people want security. Though you’d never know it no other state plan to do same scheme, Gujarat and Maharashtra youth have been starting fewer businesses and are now less inclined to change jobs. Clearly micro-entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone but still people need to go for it in Sikkim.

Again, none of this is to say that the One Family One Jobs isn’t doing great things for a growing number of individuals and communities but implement is almost worst in which some political guys know it very well.

Recently, Pharmaceutical company in Sikkim has opened various post paying them 35,000/- PM when come to Bio of candidates they have overall “Zero” skill and experience, but Pharma company has rule of hiring only skilled people, when we come to discuss about “Skill development” in Gangtok most of the people neglect it thinking they’ll send them in lower level, how difference people want to earn 12k PM for 5 year under one family one job.

We also need to Political force discussions of One Family One Job amid the “Economic Crises”, and encourage innovations that create or preserve good jobs in future.

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