Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

Sikkim : Chief Minister Golay felicitated by SLA, Inaugurates building at Phenzang Monastery

Mangan, September 6 (IPR):

Hon’ble Chief Minister, Shri Prem Singh Tamang (Golay), Government of Sikkim along with Hon’ble Speaker, SLA, Hon’ble, MP, Lok Sabha, Hon’ble Cabinet Ministers, Secretaries and Advisors were felicited by the Save Longtsok Association (SLA)on Friday for glorious victory of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha in General Election 2019 and formation of new Government.

The felicitation programme being organized by SLA that took place at Goenchen Phenzang Sangha Choding Monastery (Phenzang Monastery), North Sikkim.

On the occasion, Chief Minister also inaugurated Buddhist Circuit Building at premises of Phenzang Monastery. Thereafter, Chief Minister offered prayers at main Shrine-hall of Monastery.

Addressing the gathering, Chief Minister, Shri Prem Singh Tamang (Golay), extended his warm congratulations to the members of SLA, Lamas and public, on getting a new Buddhist circuit house at Phensong which will house the growing number of monks in the region.

The Chief Minister appreciated the efforts of SLA members who struggled to preserve historical shrine located at Kabi-Lungchok which is important not just to Bhutia and Lepcha people but is of historical importance to the people of Sikkim. He congratulated the SLA, Lamas and Bhutia-Lepcha community on successfully saving historical shrine.

The Chief Minister informed that his Government has given top priority to education sector as a result Government of Sikkim has diverted MP fund of this financial year towards education sector as to augment the education quality of the State.

The Chief Minister spoke on removal flags of political parties during religious, community and cultural programmes. Speaking on this context, he said that from now on no community or association will misuse political flags which cause division in the society. Furthermore, he said that his Government works to unite all the communities under one roof.

The Chief Minister assured that his Government will fulfill all the demands placed by the public and the SLA in the near future. Responding to the demands placed by the public and SLA, he opined that North Sikkim will become a tourist hub which will generate maximum revenue for the locals. He also announced that Kabi Senior Secondary School will get Science stream by following year.

Area-cum-Minister for Forest and Environment Management, Shri Karma Loday Bhutia in his short speech state that the government shall leave no stone unturned to fulfill the expectation and aspiration of the people of the state.

Speaking on education sector, Shri Bhutia talked about lack of Post Graduate Teachers in Bhutia and Lepcha language in the district. He informed that his Government is working hard to solve this problem by bringing in PGT teachers from other parts of the district to the North.

Ecclesiastical Minister, Shri Sonam Lama, talked about struggles faced by Bhutia-Lepcha community and Lamas to save historical worshipping shrines of Kabi-Lungchok. He thanked the high ranking bureaucrats who helped him during hard times. He assured the public that all the demands placed by the public is closely being observed by the Government and they will get fulfilled.

Minister Shri Sonam Lama further said that the ruling government will work tirelessly to take Sikkim into greater height with inclusive and holistic development and assured that the government will live up to its promises.

Later in the evening, Chief Minister also met with the public of Phenzang and proximity at new Buddhist circuit house wherein he listened to the grievances and demands of the public.

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